Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cotton Bowl

After Colorado we blessed with a kid free trip to the Cotton Bowl at Cowboys Stadium. We had a blast staying at the Gaylord Texan and visiting friends and eating lots of great food. We had awesome seats at the game and the Ags started off so great, if only the Aggies had been able to hang in the game longer against LSU.  Well we made a lot of progress this year and hopefully we'll build on that next year.

Beautiful sunset!

It was fun to have Aunt Amy join us for the game!

We had fun but we sure did miss our boys! This was how we found Andrew when we returned, he has yet to play a game but he's already obsessed with his soccer cleats and shin "gardens". And I'm afraid this kid is a little too brain washed with his Aggie love, he thinks that if he isn't wearing maroon he's not an aggie any more. And if I'm not wearing maroon he'll say "You're not an Aggie today Mama". Silly boy!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Tubing

One day we took the kids up on the mountain to go tubing. Adam was very interested in skiing but we decided for him to wait another year so that he's more mature. I think he has the physical coordination but he tends to get easily frustrated if he can't do something perfectly.

Here we are before lunch at the brewery

Both the boys loved the gondola ride of course!

Helmets on and ready to go!

Adam is actually wearing my helmet with a hat on underneath. I have a tiny head I guess!

Andrew heading down the chute

I was so proud of Andrew for participating because he was pretty scared but he did it!

Adam was very serious about the tubing and he went over and over again until our session was over.

Andrew & Daddy

Adam always told the guy to "Spin me really hard!"

He liked going around and around on the way down

I appreciated the covered/enclosed people mover that returned us and our tubes back to the top after every run

My Snow Bunnies

On the way back down

Time for some bungee jumping!

Can you just see his smile behind his scarf? I'm so proud of Andrew, there was a time we couldn't force him to do this and now he's asking to do it!

So proud of you Drew!

Adam's turn


Despite the cold the kids were really great and we had such a fun day!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Baby it's cold out side!

Some more photos from our fun in the Rockies:

Lots of layers for some outdoor fun

We finally ventured up to the Village for some Blue Moose Pizza. Adam loved watching the ice skaters, I told him when he was 5 he could give it a try.

Andrew and Pa

Showing off their Spiderman Silly Bands

Celebrating Granny's Birthday with Mini Pink Cupcakes

Granny got some pretty Aggie jewelry from Pa for her birthday and she gave Andrew the little jewelry pouch that it came in and it became one of his funny obsessions.  Right now he's in a bit of a hoarding stage where he collects little things and takes them everywhere. So the pouch was a big hit, he filled it with his silly bands and he tried to even sleep with it but we wouldn't let him so he laid it on the floor beside his bed in this certain spot where he could see if from his pillow.  Silly boy!