Friday, February 18, 2011

Feel The LOVE

First off, sorry my posts have been so sporadic. I'm still here! Right now my macbook is in the shop. Adam knocked it off the table and shatterd the screen. Thank goodness I invested in BB's Black Tie Protection plan!

I had a really nice time celebrating Valentines with all my boys. Kenny & I were supposed to go out for dinner the Thursday before but we were all hit with a nasty stomach bug. Fortunately we are all finally on the mend. Poor Andrew had an ear infection on top of that but he's doing better now too.

Is there anything cuter than an adorable little boy with a giant bouquet of flowers?

Daddy made us a Pepperoni Heart Pizza

Ready for the Valentine Party at school

After school we went to Dana & Ben's for some Valentines goodies



Ready to make cupcakes

Then Granny came with more goodies!

After Dana's we went to Kaylie & Connor's for a playgroup party

Does this photo scream little boys or what?

Andrew enjoyed checking out all Kaylie's bling


Pizza Time!


More cupcakes!


When we got home the boys got their special Valentine's Surprise from Daddy & I.  Their very own fish!

They were so excited and both wanted to hug and kiss him. LOL

They named him Cupid-Nemo

Then they gave Daddy the special Valentine they made him

And all his favorite Girl Scout cookies

The fish tank was cracked when we got it out of the box so it was the next day when we got Cupid-Nemo's new home ready for him. Boys with fresh hair cuts.

Putting the rocks and plant into the tank

Talking to their fish

"We love you Cupid-Nemo!"

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day!