Monday, March 28, 2011

San Antonio Part 2

The day after going to Sea World we checked out of our hotel and went to Fiesta Texas before hitting the road back to home.  It was another fun day, they had lots of rides for little ones!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

San Antonio Part 1

Right before spring break Dana & I decided we wanted to attempt our first solo road trip with all three boys. My mom was out of town so we didn't have any extra hands and we were out numbered by little boys but we decided we were up for the challenge! We decided to go to San Antonio and take the kids to Sea World. We got a great deal on a hotel and we figured it would be good to go now before it gets to be blazing hot outside.  

So we picked up A&A from school on Thursday and hit the road. The kids all did well on the long drive. After checking in to the hotel we went to a neat shopping area for dinner

Back at the hotel A&A were looking pretty drained from the long day 

Woody & Woody =-)

Bright and early the next morning we ate breakfast at the hotel and made it to Sea World before the park was even officially open, it was great to have the place to ourselves for a bit!

The kids were SOOOOO excited!

We managed to make them all Shamu shirts the day before we left and they turned out so cute!

This was A&A's second time to visit SeaWorld but they didn't remember the first time since they were so little so it was like going for the first time again. So much fun!

They were thrilled to see "Shamu"

I was a little bit sad but also impressed that both of my kids told me separately that day that "it was actually a costume and there was a person in there and it was not the real Shamu." They are growing up too fast!

They all loved the kiddie area with all the rides

One obstacle we ran into was that every kid that was big enough for the ride but not big enough to ride unsupervised had to have their "own" adult which meant that on many of the rides I had to take the big boys one at a time while the other one waited with Dana and Ben.

I was so impressed that both the boys wanted to ride their first roller coaster. Adam went first, I had to sit on the outside so you can't see him until the far away pictures 

Then it was Andrew's turn

That was fun!

We tried to watch a 4d movie but it was super lame so we left a few minutes in

Up Up and Away!

The boys liked being able to see over the trees

This one cracks me up!

There's Aunt Dana & Ben!

The highlight of the day was of course the Shamu Show!

No matter how many times I've seen it, it never gets old

I loved to hear all our boys cheering and "ooohing"

We decided to feed the dolphins this trip, this was a first for all of us

The kids were so sad that they weren't able to reach to pet them

Those teeth made me a little nervous but I was able to reach one to pet it and I was surprised at their unusual texture. Neat animals!

Sea World has an amazing and challenging play structure that was one of the boys favorite parts of the day but the scariest for me. It was so enormous with multiple entrances and exits and no way for the parents to track the kids without going through it with them. I tried for a while but my flip flops made it all but impossible so I tried to track them from the ground but Adam was so fast I was terrified he'd take off. They loved it and it was a great gross motor activity for Andrew.

This regular playground was a little less anxiety inducing for me

The end of the day and just enough time for another ride. Look at this tired face!

Adam meeting a Macaw

One last show

I can't figure out how they jump so high!

The boys have loved their Shamu stuffed animals and have slept with them every night since

They will tell you "This is Shamu, the KILLER whale!!"

What a great day!!