Saturday, July 30, 2011

Park Envy

There's a reason why everyone is in much better shape up in this area. When the high is 76 with no humidity and you can go to the park every day and never visit the same park twice, it's easy to spend time outside being active. I'm so jealous of the parks up here. These are some pics from a few of our park visits that I took with my phone.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

These are the photos I took with my "good" camera. I would have thought age would make these two better at taking pictures but it just keeps getting harder. They don't like to look at the camera or smile on command, they are much to busy to humor their mom anymore ;-).

Kids Carnival is put on in the city park by volunteers from local churches that come together. There are literally many hundreds of children that come over several hours to this free event so it's a pretty impressive endeavor these generous volunteers take on.

This is our third or fourth trip to the carnival so we've mastered the great face painting bottleneck that goes on. You must have a wonderful Granny with you that's willing to hold your spot in line for nearly an hour while you take the kids through the games in the meantime.

We went with a patriotic Spiderman theme

Ben got a firework

Another plus was having Anne Michal take the boys through the jumpy course line. We were able to talk the person in charge into letting her go through with Andrew in case he had some trouble.

Anne Michal is a really great sport!

Fishing for prizes

This bouncy house for kids 4 and under was awesome! It had the perfect size slide and was opened up in side so you could see everything going on in there.

Another thing we've learned about this event is that while tens of thousands of people descend upon the park to stake out their spot for hours to see one of the largest fireworks shows in the Rocky Mountains, we head out and walk to a local restaurant for dinner. Occupying little kids in a crazy environment like that for hours is not fun so leaving is always a good choice.  The kids loved eating outdoors with front row live musical entertainment with dinner.

Then we head to our car for our chairs and park ourselves in a grassy spot far outside the crowded park, closer to the car.

Aunt Dana brought glow sticks

Look how cold it got!

The kids had plenty of room to run around and get their wildness out

Love this beautiful show!

The next day we went to the Vail America Days Annual Parade

These guys were hilarious. They did a military style performance using lawn chairs and dressed straight out of Weekend at Bernie's.

These flower carts were amazing!!

Waiting for our table at the Blue Moose

Enjoying the live entertainment from the Bagpipe Players and Scottish Dancers that performed while we ate on the patio.

I'm used to seeing bagpipe players in kilts but this dancer was something else. He had on an Old Navy t-shirt with a sort of mesh/ running short material type Kilt on.

The boys both asked why that man was in a dress, he definitely stole the show!

The boys had to do their own version of a little jig but I didn't get any pictures

We had such a fun day!  Adam was so tired he didn't even notice he was half in the bed that night.

Hope your family enjoyed the July 4th Holiday!