Monday, August 22, 2011

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

While we were in Colorado we travelled down to Colorado Springs for a few days so that my mom could watch some of the US Women's Open Golf Tourney. CS is a nice town with some fun things to do.  One day Dana, the kids and I met up with a very special childhood friend and her sweet children, who drove over from Denver and met us at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  Jeannie's dad was our pastor growing up and her entire family is very special to us. She has three boys and a girl, so between us we had 6 boys and one precious girl that were 5 years and under.

It was hard to get a decent photo of all the kiddos together . . . 

They had a great giraffe exhibit that brought you very close to these giants.

Icky long tongue!

Hard to tell but there was a really pretty view down over the valley and the town

Dana, Jeannie, & I

All the boys had a great time together. Here they are checking out some alligators

Adorable baby Wallaby

Train Ride

Grizzly Bear

After the zoo we went to lunch and to the mall for some play time and a treat.

That's a lot of boys!

Jeannie it was such a blast to catch up with you and see your gorgeous kiddos!!

Monday, August 08, 2011


Trying to enjoy and appreciate every day for the gift that it is, knowing we don't know what tomorrow may bring . . .

Monday, August 01, 2011

More Vacation Cellphone Pics

Someday I'll get around to uploading the pics from my camera but I'm never on my computer unless I'm working so blogging from my phone has been much easier.

On our last Sunday we went to church at the mountain chapel then went over to Vail Village where the boys played in the Children's Fountain and we enjoyed browsing the farmers market and eating snowcones.

The pictures after the fountain are of Pa and Adam taking a walk to look for foxes. So sweet to see them together, Adam in his cowboy boots. Then a picture of Adam admiring the afternoon rain, which is marvelous coming from drought country. Then two pictures show Andrew and his quirkiness. He tends to be OCD about certain objects he is attracted to. Once he finds something he likes he tends to hoard it for a few days before moving on to something else. On this particular day he was obsessed with this broken toy phone that played some songs that Granny taught him. He insisted on sleeping with it and the day we left super early in the morning I pulled a bait and switch on him so that we didn't have to listen to it for two days straight on the road. I love my silly boy!

Now that it's 105 here, seeing these pictures makes me really miss that weather!!