Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Somehow I keep coming across more pictures that haven't made it to the blog yet from our trip to CO. Hopefully I'm almost done finding pictures ;-)

Oh Andrew, what am I going to do with you, my mischievous little man!

Fun at Pirate Ship Park

Funny story, the sweet looking girl in pink in the Eagle's Nest was actually a bit of a little monster, she's chasing Andrew here and trying to shove him down the ladder. Poor Andrew was just trying to get away from her but didn't really have anywhere to go.

The kids had a blast watching this jumping fountain

Beautiful Background but getting a decent picture of these two is like pulling teeth!

Another fun day in Vail!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Time for an Update on Andrew

Andrew seems to be doing pretty well after a rough spot in July. He must have had a major growth spurt in their somewhere and toward the end of our trip to Colorado he was complaining of a great deal of pain, even to the point where he wouldn't walk and wanted to be carried. I noticed that he seemed to be limping/falling more too. I called his physical medicine specialist and we immediately began adjusting his dose of baclofen, which is for spasticity management.  It was a little scary for me but over the course of a few days we went from 1/4 a pill a day to 2 entire pills a day,  That's an increase of 800%! But he soon began to feel much better and was sleeping and walking again, Thank Goodness!

The doctor was able to work him into her schedule and saw him not long after we got home.  His spasticity in his left ankle has dramatically worsened over the last 6 months.  He was once able to get 15 degrees of movement past neutral but now he cannot flex his ankle that direction at all and is developing a contracture there.  There are really only two options, botox with serial casting or tendon lengthening surgery.  Ideally you push this surgery off as long as you can because it can only be done a few times so we have no choice but to go for another round of Botox and casting.

We saw good results last time and hopefully will again. Although I still have a lot of reservations about injecting my baby with neurotoxins which haven't been studied long term and are off label for this treatment, but I'm going to trust his physicians and in God to do the best for Andrew.

So in October we are scheduled for a sedated procedure, which will be a huge relief for me because in the past he was always awake and suffered some emotional trauma through those ordeals, requiring 4 adults to restrain him despite him taking verced to "relax" him. YUCK!

A week after the injections he'll start his weekly casting process for 6-8 weeks. I'm thankful this won't be during the summer so he doesn't miss out on the pool, but considering he brings home a bucket of sand in his shoes from school everyday I'm a little worried about how we will manage preschool 5 days a week. They don't really have a sand box they can tell him to stay out of, it's more like half the playground is a beach/sand hill.  This will be interesting!

Thanks for loving and praying for my little survivor!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Vail Mountain

I came across a few more pictures I haven't posted yet on the blog from our trip up Vail Mountain. There are some really good ones of the boys so I wanted to make sure I have these happy faces in my record for them to see one day.

Andrew looks so handsome!

Love this happy face of Adam's!

Sweet boy!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

More Colorado Springs: Garden of the Gods

The hottest day we experienced in Colorado was the day we went to Garden of the Gods. It was a beautiful place but the kids tired out pretty quickly on our little hike and we had to take turns pushing them in the stroller. Thank goodness we had Anne Michal along to help or I'm not sure we would have all made it back to the parking lot!

Afterward we went to It'z which is like a super nice Chuck E Cheese type place and the food was pretty good too.  And they had some fancy rides and a bouncy house. There is one in Houston I hear so we'll have to check it out sometime.

Adam & Anne Michal hunted some big game

Anne Michal has a very impressive shot!