Sunday, October 23, 2011

F is for Fall & Football & FUN !

The boys have been enjoying playing flag football this year for the first time. Their team is the Patriots and they are the smallest kids on the whole team but that hasn't dampened their spirit. It takes a while to set up for each play and Andrew is easily distracted so if he isn't involved directly in the play he tends to not exactly know what's going on ;-). Though sometime he does have some good blocks and had some good runs. He always gives it his all and gets so excited when his team does something good and has a big smile on his face when he gets to touch the ball. 

Football has come pretty naturally to Adam, he really "gets" blocking and even though he's one of the youngest he may be one of the better blockers. He cracks us up and we've had to warn him to to keep the smack talk down. He will point at the giant kid across from him on the other team and say "I'm gonna block you! I just blocked you!" Hard not to laugh at that. He loves to pull flags but he can't stand it if anyone touches his ;-). One time he was running the ball and the defender was about to get his flag and he stiff arm blocked the kid, nice play but not allowed in flag football lol. Pre-k flag football is pretty entertaining, just like watching little monkeys running around wild.

The boys were excited to go to an Aggie game and to bring some fun friends along

Singing Happy Birthday to Aunt Rachel


Look at all these cute boys!

Mid Game Story Time ;-)

Dr Bow-tie himself came by for a visit, he's become quite the celebrity this year

Adam at Gymnastics

The boys had a blast at their friend's birthday party recently.  Especially the face painting, Andrew is obsessed with sharks and killer whales, I think we may have a future marine biologist in the family.

Bat Boy

They loved the magician too

Adam, my non shy child, volunteered to assist the magician ;-)

F is for Fun!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday Kenny!!

Today is Kenny's 30th birthday. We are so blessed to have such a kind, loyal, hard working, loving, & fun Daddy. He's been through a lot in these first 30 years. I'm so proud and thankful that he's mine!!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Back to School

The boys are back at their same preschool, this year they are in Pre-K and they LOVE it! They are in the same exact classroom that I was in for Pre-K 28 years ago, it looks about the same but much smaller ;-). None of the kids from their class last year are in their class this year but they've done well at making new friends with all the boys and even seem to be much more interested in the little girls than they were in the past, yikes!

Open House on the Play Ground

First Day of School

LOVE this one!

Look how green Andrew's eyes are getting! It cracks me up when he opens them up really big like this:

Running to their class room

Hanging up their backpacks

They were really excited for football season to start back up!

The End!