Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All about "Bean"

We are so very grateful and excited for this precious new life that God is knitting together. The boys pray every night for their baby "to have a heart beat and grow big so it can come live at our house and we can be big brothers =-)".

This baby has been a journey of perseverance, compared to getting pregnant with the boys who were a piece of cake. With the boys we did one cycle and that was it.  With this baby we did a total of five cycles (three fresh and two frozen), which I said I would never do. Never say never I guess. I just knew that we needed to keep going and that I would know when it was time to stop. Fortunately my doctor felt bad at all our poor outcomes and helped us out quite a bit with discounted cycles.

I did not get pregnant at all on my first two attempts and then got pregnant three times in a row on all the rest of the attempts. Cycles 3 & 4 resulted in early miscarriages. So for Cycle 5 we tried a few things to help prevent miscarriage.  One theory for all our poor outcomes was that my body had developed an immune response to our embryos and was basically attacking them, preventing implantation or preventing the pregnancy from progressing. To counter this I did two intralipid infusions, one just prior to the transfer and another once I got a positive pregnancy test. The thought behind this is that it helps to suppress to cells that could potentially attack the baby.  The second theory was that my blood was over-clotting and not enough blood flow was getting to the uterus and thus to the baby. To help overcome that that I began taking daily lovenox injections from right before the transfer until I was 10 weeks along, plus a low dose aspirin that I'm still currently taking. The shots were horribly painful and left me with giant bruises but I'd do them again in a heartbeat. Anyone who has recurrent pregnancy loss or ivf failures, I would recommend asking your doctor about these treatments.

So finally the 5th time around and we have finally made it to the second trimester!  I'm so very grateful! It took us nearly two years to get to this point and I'm pretty sure we were close to the end of our efforts. I'm so very thankful to Kenny for sticking this out even though it was very tough for him and also to everyone who prayed for us on this journey. Because of all our poor outcomes they've kept really close tabs on us and we've gotten to see "Bean's" amazing development over these weeks.

First Picture of "Bean" at 5 days old 
(2 weeks and 5 days cycle-wise)

Bean's 1st Ultrasound at 5 Weeks (no heart beat yet)

Bean at 6 Weeks (still no heart beat)

Bean at 7 Weeks
(we finally saw a heart flicker but could not pick up the rate)

Bean at 8 Weeks
(strong heart rate 178)

Bean at 9 Weeks

Bean at 10 Weeks and looking more like a human
(Adam says he is waving to him in this one)

Bean at 12 Weeks
(sucking one hand and other hand on his ear)

Bean at 14 Weeks
(my first 3D ultrasound and looking a bit alien ;-)

This baby is much higher up than the boys were and I'm showing so much already. I started feeling the first little baby flutters at about 13 weeks, way earlier than with the boys.  They can't wait until they can feel the baby move too. Those little flutters have been really reassuring and about the sweetest feeling ever.  I'm so in love with this baby already! Please Lord watch over our precious little one.


Lynn said...

So thankful things are going so well.
Praying right now!
Psalms 62:5-6 My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him. He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defence; I shall not be moved.
Prayer Bears
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Lynn said...

Praying in Seattle!
Psalms 62:5-6 My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him. He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defence; I shall not be moved.
Prayer Bears
My email address

Sarah Pope said...

Saying a little praying for your sweet little one now. What a journey you've been on!

Perri said...

Lindsey, I'm so happy for you. I pray for you and the Bean, too. An amazing series of pictures you'll be able to show the baby someday.