Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

We had another joyous Christmas this year with our families! The boys were more excited than ever for this year's celebration and everything was so fun and magical for them.

They enjoyed a Christmas Party and book exchange on the last day of school

We had a little playgroup get together at Mickey D's

Andrew enjoying a snuggle with Cotton

We took Kenny's family to eat at one of our favorite local restaurants for a grown ups only dinner. 
Here I am at 19 weeks pregnant.

Our little family of 4 + 1 on the way ;-)

After attending a great Christmas Eve service at church

Decorating their Gingerbread House

Christmas Eve the boys in their jammies setting out cookies, milk & reindeer food

Daddy reading them the Christmas story before bed

Santa came!

A Killer Whale hat!

Opening presents

Adam really looks like Daddy in his new camo hat with clip-on light from Gammy

A cool camera just for the twins!

Andrew and all his Shamu inspired goods ;-)

Love these faces as they wait to try out the cotton candy maker

All the "Moore" cousins except for Ben who was a little camera shy after his nap

A Big Boy Scooter!

Adam & Daddy testing out the new scooters

Adam figured out the two wheeled razor pretty easily

Andrew was so thrilled to finally get his "Storm Trooper Gun" that he had to dress the whole part

Andrew Trying out his new scooter

These roller skates were quite the challenge for everyone!

It was an accomplishment for them to just stand on their own ;-)

But they gave it a good effort!

Another blessed year with our wonderful families, we are so thankful for this new baby girl on the way, and we especially praise God for the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Pre-K Christmas Pageant

The boys class put on a little Christmas Play in their classroom this last week before Christmas break. They have been practicing for weeks and were very excited! Adam was one of the angels and Andrew was the innkeeper. The play was performed in their classroom so it was a pretty tight fit for all the parents and family members that came to watch.

Andrew did a great job saying his lines but after he was done with his part he noticed his cousin Ben in the audience and he couldn't help but wave and smile at him the rest of the play ;-)

Doesn't he look angelic??

The whole class

Adam & Andrew were so proud that Granny, Aunt Dana, Ben and Daddy all came to watch their play

My sweet little guys

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Karate Kids

 This year the boys had a Star Wars themed birthday party at a local Martial Arts studio. They decided to invite all the kids from their preschool class along with some of their other close friends. They had a really fun time and are so excited to start Tiny Tigers Taekwondo there in January. 

A few days before the party Granny had foot surgery so this was the first time in their life that someone else made their birthday cake. It wasn't as good as Granny makes it but still very yummy.

First they held a karate class

Look how disciplined these kids look!

Learning some moves

Then time for cake!

 Then they set up an obstacle course

Adam enjoyed hitting the "fake man"

Learning about breaking boards

 The boys were presented with their new uniforms

They also gave them num-chucks, yikes!

Everyone got to practice breaking these plastic boards

Then Adam & Andrew got to try breaking a real wood board


They were very proud!

Then they bowed to all their friends to thank them for coming, very cute!

High Fives for everyone!

Thanks to all our friends and family that helped us to celebrate this special day!

Andrew was SO excited to get his very own copy of his favorite movie from Granny, "Soul Surfer" and also a new Star Wars book that he insisted on sleeping with them ;-)