Monday, February 27, 2012

Fun with Friends!

Not too long ago we had some friends and their families come visit from out of town. We had so much fun and really enjoyed their time here. The boys also got some "little sister" practice in and also seeing what life is like with an infant around. So fun! (I stole most of these pictures from my friend Lacey, thank you for having your camera handy!)

Adam and Rory enjoying the playground 

Boys being Boys

Checking out Baby Mason

The Kid's Table

I'm sure Rory learned all sorts of new things during her visit ;-)

The Daddies

Fun at the Park


I found Adam testing out some of Baby M's gear lol

Friday, February 24, 2012

So Many Praises this Week!!

28 Weeks Today, We are in the 3rd trimester for the first time EVER!! What a huge Praise!!

After a tough week last week, this week has been smoother! I spent time on my heating pad and off my feet whenever I could and for now the back spasms have disappeared. That makes life so much better! Thank you for all your prayers.

Another Praise, Miss Ally now weighs 3 lbs 2 oz and is big for her gestation. My high risk dr is very happy about that. She is more than a pound bigger than Adam was at birth, woohoo!!

The bad news is not too bad: my cervix shortened a little bit but not terrible and my fluid level is up over where its been but not terrible either. Unfortunately my glucose was slightly elevated so now I have to take the 3 hour fasting glucose test next Thursday. No fun, I would appreciate your prayers that I would pass and not have gestational diabetes. My high risk doc isn't too concerned fortunately and doesn't think this is why Ally is growing so well and it's really just protocol that I'm doing the long test, still no fun though.

I'm still contracting and they may give me steroids for baby's lungs at some point but overall my doctor was positive about where we are and is hopeful we can get a lot further. He said I was doing a good job and his only instructions are to "Do whatever possible to not do anything at all".

I'm so thankful for where we are but we really want to make it another 8-10 weeks, so please keep us in your prayers. Thank you all so much for the support!!

28 Week Baby Bump

For comparison, this is me at 24+ weeks with the twins.

Some fun baby stuff:
Cute Carrier Canopy that Granny Made

Ally's Room
(I promise the colors are way cuter in person!)

Psalms 18:2-6 The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower. I will call upon the LORD!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feeling The Love

For Valentine's Day, Kenny and I went on a group date with several friends to Christopher's Grille, it was so much fun and delicious but I forgot to take pictures. 

These next pictures are from 3 different cameras so they are not in chrono order but wanted to share them all anyway.

"I love my brother SOOOOOO much!"

Cheesy Faces

My sweet Valentines

Cousinly Love

Nice Smudge right in in the middle of my lens

Heart Sandwiches for lunch

Making White Chocolate Dipped Pretzels with Red Sprinkles

Testing out their handy work (daddy was a HUGE fan!)

Treats from Granny

Granny and 4 of her 5 grandsons. She has 7 grandkids total and 1 on the way but she is so great at making time for all of them =-)

More sweet boy pics

Notice Ben's Face in this one, Logan had just made some funny toots and they couldn't contain their giggles, such boys!

And this is a bonus pic of Andrew and some of his creations. He LOVES his magna-tiles and they really keep his attention. Because of the magnets they make a wonderful toy for anyone that struggles with fine motor skills because they are easy to put together and take apart. I love seeing how proud he is of his masterpieces: in this pic he has a rocket, a starwars spaceship and a church!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Ally at 27 Weeks

I'm so in love with this baby girl and I'm cherishing every moment of this special time with her, remembering how precious it is and how quickly things can change. Knowing its my last pregnancy and marveling at every feeling, every movement. I'm holding on tight to these moments, while recalling the sadness of how much of this intimacy I lost with the boys when I went from carrying them with me 24/7 to such limited access to them after they were born, so heart wrenching and unnatural. I'll do anything to keep that from happening again but I know it's really beyond my control. Every day with Ally is a gift I don't want to give up but I know she belongs to God and is in His loving hands.

She's so active in the evenings and I'm fascinated with watching her from the outside and seeing my body react to her movements. So cool. I think I've worn Kenny and the boys out ;-). Every time she does something I'm like "Look!" but she always stops as soon as the words leave my mouth, haha.

My body is wearing down some lately and it's frustrating and disappointing. Believe me, I'll put up with any pain or discomfort and I definitely don't want this to be over anytime soon but I'm worried that my body may give out at some point but I'm hoping and praying that it won't.

A few days earlier this week my feet and legs swelled up and it was hard to bend my ankles. It didn't hurt but it made me nervous since I've got a long way to go yet. My blood pressure is fine and there are no signs of preeclampsia, thank goodness, so they think it's just a side effect of some of my medications. I focused several days on staying off my feet and keeping them elevated and it seems I've gotten the swelling under control. Only now to end up with back spasms the last two days. I'm not complaining about the pain so much as that this is reminiscent of the back issues I had prior to going into labor with the boys and it scares me. Plus it leaves me unable to function like I want to.

BUT Praise God, none of these things are currently effecting my ability to keep carrying Ally. My cervix is in good shape, which is THE biggest factor. And unless that changes we should be ok. I'm praying my body will adjust better to this stage of pregnancy and that my back will support her without giving out and that the contractions will not be productive (and go away entirely!).

Your prayers are so appreciated. I want to give Ally the healthiest start possible. I want to enjoy every moment together and not be visiting her in a hospital at some point. I want to take her home with me and not be apart. I'm trying to take it day by day but it's almost like hour by hour. I have great hours of the day when I feel good and then harder hours. It's like my body maxes out at some point each day and I have such a long way to go still. But I really REALLY do love being pregnant, its such a miracle and I won't trade any of it.

I love Ally so much and I love this opportunity to carry her, I just wish my body was better at it!

I'm SO blessed, not only am I carrying this precious gift but I have people sacrificing themselves to help me along in this journey. Kenny has been so awesome and is such a big help with the boys, fixing breakfast, getting them dressed, taking them to school, fixing dinner etc. And I'm so fortunate to have my Mama who will pick the boys up from school if I need to lay down and who's driven Andrew all the way to Houston for therapy when I've needed and helped me get my house back in order since I'm unable. Without their help, I'd really be a mess!

It's been so amazing to watch her grow!

A lady that Kenny worked with when he was building houses is adding some fun artistic touches to Ally's room.

By the end of this week I will be in the 3rd Trimester for the first time ever. SO exciting, God is good!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hello 26 Weeks . . . .

. . . . Goodbye belly button and ankles ;-).

I'm so excited to finally be past the point at which the boys were born. Obviously there are never any sure things but every day that passes I feel better and better that God willing we will accomplish the task before us and bring this child safely into the world.

I've been having some bouts with contractions but I'm seeing my dr weekly and they don't appear to be productive contractions, thankfully! My cerclage and weekly P17 injections appear to be doing their job. I also now have prescriptions for procardia (heart medicine) and albuterol that I can take as needed to help calm my uterus down.

I also have my sweet sitter helping with my boys on Mondays and Fridays and Kenny has really stepped up with helping with the boys too when he can.

And your continued prayers are such a blessing!

Nursery Fun!!
For so long I was too scared to do much to get prepared for this baby but I figured it's high time for me to get things in gear. And decorating for a girl is just way too much fun!

I want to do some serious nesting around here but the reality is I just can't without major help. I'm not allowed to lift/push/pull more than 10 lbs so there are many things I just have to let go of. However I'm so excited that someone came today and painted Ally's room! So fun and girly! I also ordered her bedding from a lady on etsy.

Here are some pics of the fabrics and of the room.

Camera phone pics are really dark but you get the idea.

My belly pics this week are courtesy of Adam's expert photo skills ;-) Not too bad for a 5 year old!

My shirt has a ruffle going down the middle so it makes me look even bigger lol

I've found some super cute things on etsy like these painted knobs that match my fabric. SO much fun!

And here is a pic of the boys bowling today that their sitter sent me. They had a blast!