Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tough Night

You might think that once you've had a baby born 3.5 months early, that having complications at 33 weeks would not be stressful.

While obviously not the same, I promise it is still stressful and scary in its own way. We are absolutely grateful to be this much further along, but babies are just not designed to be born before term and while we trust Ally would do ok, we think she deserves her full time to bake because that's what's best for her and what we will keep fighting for.

I'm tired. My vision is continually blurry, my feet are swollen up, I can't take care of my family like I want to, I miss seeing my friends, my contractions never seem to end and I feel generally yucky but I can absolutely put up with all of those things as long as I need to.

But the last two nights my contractions have gotten into a rhythm that my home meds have not been able to break out of as easily. Thursday night was rough but I was able to hold out at home and eventually about 8am the contractions settled. So I went to the doctor first thing where I was able to get my final steroid shot and another progesterone shot.

But yesterday evening things started back up again and after timing them at home and trying to hold out, the on call OB said I had to get myself to L&D. By the time they had me on the monitor the contractions were painful and were anywhere from 2 but mostly 4-5 minutes apart (after being 5-8 for a few hours at home).

We discussed a possible transfer to Houston but my amazing super cerclage ;-) continues to prove its worth and is still holding for now. So they decided if they could get my contractions back apart for an extended period then they would let me go home to rest instead.

My blood pressure was continually low (84/41) while we were there so that didn't really help things but after iv fluids and meds the contractions finally eased up enough where we decided I could deal with it at home and be more comfortable resting in my own bed but know we can go back anytime if needed (hopefully not).

Thankfully my mom was still in town and was able to come right over and stay the night since the boys were already in bed when we left for the hospital. That was a huge relief for us.

So my Due Date is May 18th. I want to get to May 1st, which would be like 37.5 weeks. But we are absolutely grateful for each additional day and know that God is in control of Ally's life and that He loves her dearly too.

I want to avoid the NICU entirely and take her straight home with me but more than anything I just want to give her the healthiest start possible. Please pray she can stay put, but regardless of when she comes, that she would do as well as possible.

I'm tired but more than anything I'm very thankful and I'm not giving up.

Thank you for your prayers!!

Exodus 33:14
The Lord replied "My Presence will go with you and I will give you rest."

Monday, March 26, 2012

32 Week Update

32 Weeks!! I sure like the sound of that but I want to get this baby girl all the way to term. When I feel her kicking me like crazy, I can't help but smile and dream about holding her in my arms. We are so close but we need to get further, it would be so wonderful to have a healthy baby that can stay with me and leave the hospital when I do. I want that experience so much!!

Friday I saw my high risk doctor and my regular OB as well. They are both very pleased that we are at this point! I'm so thankful! This week I'll get one last double round of steroid shots to boost her lung maturity in case she comes sooner rather than later.

The perinatologist wants me to make it a couple more weeks in order to feel comfortable delivering locally rather than in a larger hospital in Houston. It would be so good to get past that point so that Ally will be more ready and it would also make things a lot easier for our family to be together in one town. But Ally's health comes first.

Ally is looking great! She has a big belly and is currently measuring 4 pounds 7 ounces. That sounds so big compared to what I'm used too! I can't even tell you how grateful I am but I won't be able to relax until she's arrived safely and is snuggled in my arms!

32 Week Baby Belly

We now have our changing table/dresser! Yay!

Still waiting for the bedding I ordered from etsy. Kenny moved the glider in from the play room, I'm so glad we went with green because it worked for the boys' nursery and now Ally's!

I sadly am not sharing my ultrasound from this week because it has to be the worst quality ultrasound ever, I can't believe they even printed it out and gave it to me. The printer must not have been working or something. I think it has her tiny profile in the bottom corner but the majority of it is just empty black space. Fortunately I have plenty of previous ultrasounds to look at (maybe even a record number since they've kept such close tabs on her ;).

Thanks for checking in on us and for all the prayers. Good has been so good to us!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Adventures With Andrew Part III

Gammy also took Andrew to a special event at historic George Ranch where he got watch and learn from real cowboys!

Andrew wore his coon skinned cap and vest and everyone at the ranch called him Davy Crockett all day which he loved!

One of the activities was a relay race, Andrew eagerly volunteered to participate!

Andrew got a one on one roping lesson!

Checking out some historic buildings.

Watching the real cowboys at work

A real life "stinky longhorn" ;-)

A yummy lunch straight from the chuck wagon

Andrew really bonded with Gammy's new puppy Blue. They became fast friends!

One day Andrew and Gammy went to Build a Bear and Andrew got to make a special bear for himself and a surprise bear for Adam. He picked out Luke Skywalker for himself and Darth Vador for Adam, complete with light sabers!

So glad to have my little man back. I missed him so much but I'm so glad he got to have such a fun and special week at his grandparents house!!

One last picture, Andrew cheering on the Lady Aggies at the first round of the NCAA tourney, from the first row, so fun!!

Even though it was really hard to have both my sweeties out of town, this time did wonders for me and probably extended the length of my pregnancy. It was a good and much needed break for Daddy too. After nearly two weeks in bed, I felt better than I had in a month and I've been able to get out a tiny bit here and there while still taking it pretty easy most of the time.

A huge thank you to all the grandparents!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Adventures with Andrew Part II

The big Livestock Show and Rodeo was going on while Andrew was in town so he got a big surprise when He and Gammy went for the day.

When I talked to him on the phone afterward he was talking 90 miles an hour he was so excited about his big day! I think he slept well that night he was so exhausted.

He loved the petting zoo and loves to tell about how a baby deer tried to eat his cowboy hat and some other creature tried to eat his shirt ;-)

I think his favorite were the little goats

He LOVED the pig races! He's told me the story several times about how the "Stinky Longhorn pig, the Yucky Baylor Bear pig, and that Bad Red Raider Pig" did not when the race but the Aggie Pig did win the race!! This child has really strong opinions about the other universities in our state, of which he of course arrived at completely without bias from those around him ;-) haha.

Another favorite was the Kids Tractor Pull. He stood there and watched this over and over

Yummy Rodeo Foods!

I love this one!!! My little Bull Rider!
Check out that form, he'd get 8 seconds for sure!

Gammy thank you
for taking this adventure on! It was such a special day that Andrew will remember and cherish always. Thank you so very much!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Adventures with Andrew Part I

Andrew had an absolute blast at Gammy & Peepaw's house. He loves one on one time and this special week was right up his alley. He went down on a Saturday and came back the next Friday, his longest time away from home and from Adam. Here are some pics from the first day or so there. Thanks Gammy for taking so many fun pictures for us!

Star Wars Cowboy ;-)

Jackpot! Kenny's parents were very smart to keep all these transformers from when he was younger. Andrew had a blast with them, they just don't make them near the same quality today.

Andrew loves nuts. He'll eat an entire can of raw almonds if someone isn't watching him closely. So this activity was perfect for him, cracking his own shelled nuts for a snack (and getting some good fine motor practice in too ;-)

Peepaw and Andrew snuggling up for some cartoons, so sweet!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Adventures with Adam Part III

Last post on Adam's big trip to CO with Granny & Pa. Here are some pics of him playing at the park and sledding with Cousin Kate.

Giving Kate a push down the hill

Not the greatest snow this year but enough to have some fun

Holding hands, so sweet!!

So glad to have my sweet Adam home after his big adventure!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Adventures with Adam Part II

Adam went snow tubing one day with his cousins and some friends. It was one of his favorite activities from the trip!

Cousin Kate

Gondola Ride

Adam's other favorite activity was hot tubbing, he went every chance he could get!

Adam's little bed in Granny & Pa's room. I think he was a bit of an early bird and woke them up at the crack of dawn just about every morning. Sorry 'bout that G&P!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Adventures with Adam Part 1

After a very full and exciting week in Colorado, Adam and my folks flew home yesterday. They didn't get in until really late so they kept him overnight and Kenny brought him home today. So glad to have him home safely after such a big adventure! He seems different, taller and more grown up too!

Thank you Granny & Pa so much for taking him to Colorado with you, he had an amazing time!

I have a lot of pics from his trip to share so I'll break it into a few posts.

Day 1 of Ski School, he loved it!!!

Sledding with his cousins

Day #2 of Ski School

Sunday, March 11, 2012

All About Andrew

Now it's Andrew's turn! Kenny took him to Gammy & Peepaw's house yesterday.  I enjoyed having him all to myself these last few days although I was missing Adam.  But now that Andrew's gone too and there are no little sweeties to snuggle with, I'm missing them both like crazy!  It's way too quiet around here now! But I must admit I'm feeling better today than I have in a while and my back isn't hurting nearly as badly. The only day I left the house this week was for my doctor appt Thursday, that's so weird! But I can tell its been good for Ally and I so I'm grateful to get this restful time.

I've already gotten lots of pictures of Andrew having a blast at Gammy's house. I'm so thankful for technology so that I can get pics and videos practically in real time, I love that! We video chatted with Adam last night and then the boys talked with each other this morning! I have a feeling Andrew is missing his brother more than he misses us, he LOVES his brother! The day before he left for Gammy's he had two pieces of gum and he asked me if he could "mail one to my brother Adam". He's so thoughtful =-).

Andrew at Age 5, You are so much fun and such a sweet boy!

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Seaworld to see Shamu
(he wants to go so bad but with the baby it may be a while!)

What do you love about Daddy?
He takes me fishing

What do you love about Mommy?
Snuggling with my Mommy

About Adam?
He plays star wars guns and soccer with me

If you had $10 what would you buy?
A green Luke Skywalker light saber

What's your favorite movie/show?
Return of the Jedi and Soul Surfer

Favorite Toy?

Favorite Sport?
Playing Soccer

Favorite Song?
The Darth Vador Song

Favorite Place?
The Ranch

What makes you happy?
Going to Sea World and Colorado

What makes you sad?
When my brother Adam is mean to me

What are you afraid of?
Bad Guys

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A Killer Whale trainer (he even drew a picture of himself training Shamu, I need to take a picture of it!)

What do you think about being a big brother?
I like my baby and I'm going to keep her safe
(Awwwwwwww! He will be a great big brother!)

Now for some more cute pictures:

He LOVES his Daddy!

Of my two kids, he's the only one so far that looks anything like me.
I think we have the same green-gray eyes.

Andrew isn't pale skinned like me though, fortunately!

I'm biased but I think my boys are really adorable ;-)

I'm so blessed to be the Mama of these precious boys!

Photos by Butterfly Chaser Photography