Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Adventures with Andrew Part I

Andrew had an absolute blast at Gammy & Peepaw's house. He loves one on one time and this special week was right up his alley. He went down on a Saturday and came back the next Friday, his longest time away from home and from Adam. Here are some pics from the first day or so there. Thanks Gammy for taking so many fun pictures for us!

Star Wars Cowboy ;-)

Jackpot! Kenny's parents were very smart to keep all these transformers from when he was younger. Andrew had a blast with them, they just don't make them near the same quality today.

Andrew loves nuts. He'll eat an entire can of raw almonds if someone isn't watching him closely. So this activity was perfect for him, cracking his own shelled nuts for a snack (and getting some good fine motor practice in too ;-)

Peepaw and Andrew snuggling up for some cartoons, so sweet!!

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