Friday, March 23, 2012

Adventures with Andrew Part II

The big Livestock Show and Rodeo was going on while Andrew was in town so he got a big surprise when He and Gammy went for the day.

When I talked to him on the phone afterward he was talking 90 miles an hour he was so excited about his big day! I think he slept well that night he was so exhausted.

He loved the petting zoo and loves to tell about how a baby deer tried to eat his cowboy hat and some other creature tried to eat his shirt ;-)

I think his favorite were the little goats

He LOVED the pig races! He's told me the story several times about how the "Stinky Longhorn pig, the Yucky Baylor Bear pig, and that Bad Red Raider Pig" did not when the race but the Aggie Pig did win the race!! This child has really strong opinions about the other universities in our state, of which he of course arrived at completely without bias from those around him ;-) haha.

Another favorite was the Kids Tractor Pull. He stood there and watched this over and over

Yummy Rodeo Foods!

I love this one!!! My little Bull Rider!
Check out that form, he'd get 8 seconds for sure!

Gammy thank you
for taking this adventure on! It was such a special day that Andrew will remember and cherish always. Thank you so very much!!

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