Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ally is Three Months Old!

Can it already be three months since Ally was born? This has honestly been about the best three months of my life, enjoying these three sweet children God has blessed us with.

Ally, You are such a wonderful baby! Your sweet smile melts my heart and your big brothers and Daddy think you are the greatest thing ever. At three months you are getting stronger and chunkier every day. You still sleep and snuggle a lot during the day but when you are awake you are finding your voice and making the sweetest little girly sounds. You love to smile when I tell you "Hi!", I love that!  You are wearing 0-3 and 3 month clothes and I just moved you into three month size diapers. You are an awesome sleeper and have slept all night since you were 2.5 months old and now you are averaging between 9-11 hours a night. 

You have such beautiful big blue eyes and round chubby kissable cheeks. You are so easy to take along that I rarely leave you with anyone else because you are just so pleasant and easy to have around. You have such a peaceful demeanor, that is until you get hungry ;-). You are a great eater and are quite efficient and fast which is great since we are constantly on the go. You've had a little bit of colic in the evenings the last few weeks and I can tell that you don't feel well but it only lasts a little while and then you are a happy girl again.

You've brought even more love and happiness into our family and I can't even imagine us without you. I wish I could keep you this size forever, you are the snuggliest little cherub and it's so hard for me to put you down, I could literally hold you all day. 

I'm so thankful for you and I love you so very much!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fun in CO

We are home and I'm finally rested enough to attempt posting more pictures. My mac is having issues because some of my pics somehow have the same file name as other pics on my computer and it keeps getting confused. Any mac geniuses out there want to give me some tips on file storage?

Here are some photos from the top of Vail 

Adam says "Look Mom, no hands!"

Family Fridays in Beaver Creek

Sunday, July 15, 2012

4 Eagle Ranch

We had so much fun at the Western Family night at 4 Eagle Ranch in Wolcott. They had wagon rides, a rodeo, and an authentic ranch meal. The weather was amazing, it was such a great night!

Love this one! ;-)

LOVE these lil cowboys! 

Yummy grilled corn

She's the sleepin'est baby there ever was!