Monday, August 27, 2012

Random moments

Random moments from the past month caught on my phone

Ally hanging out in her brothers room while I put away laundry

Road trips =  packed mini van!

I found Ben "reading" Andrew a book in his bed, hilarious!

Austin Children's Museum

Wearing an outfit made by Aunt Dana

Adam mastered the two wheeler this summer and met some important goals to earn a new big boy bike

Such a little man!

 One day we met friends for a fun mother-son date to the bowling alley and laser tag

Our mini SWAT team

While we were on our mama/son date Ally's babysitter sent me this precious photo, love it!

Sleepy girl

At 3.5 months, she was looking way too grown up!

The boys love having a little girl around!

Andrew Monkey

Tummy time, love the booty ruffles on these pants

Logan goes for her paci

 Adam taking a fly fishing demo

He took it very seriously

Happy Girl!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I have a 4 month old!

Ally today you are four months old! I'll do a full update on you when we get home from our long road trip.

I love you sweet girl!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Alpine Coaster

One day we took the boys over to Breckenridge to enjoy their adventure park. We road a long gondola and then a chair lift up to a mountain slide and then we did a really fun alpine roller coaster. I'm so glad we tried it because everyone agreed that it was very exciting and fun.

Andrew & I on the lift, he was so wiggly that I was pretty nervous and didn't take my arms off him.

Riding up the rails to the top of the coaster

There's Pa!

Andrew & Pa

Adam & Me

What a fun thrilling day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weekend in Azle

Recently we had the pleasure of spending the weekend with several friends at one of their family's home on Eagle Mountain Lake. Over the last few years we've added several kids to the mix and they had a great time together.

Daddies & Babies in the pool

Like mother, like daughter

Do you think she'll let me send her to the pool dressed like this in high school? I can only hope so!!

Thank you for having us, we had a fantastic time!!