Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ally at 6 months old

Having a six month old is just about the greatest thing ever!

At her six month appt Ally weighed 16 pounds 5 ounces and was 25.5" long

She really is the SWEETEST thing ever, how did we get so blessed???? She is such a talker, she loves to make the "G" sound and sings "gully gully gully". She also says "Ba" and "Da" and a few others

She is a rolly polly who rolls all over, she can sit pretty well though she still will throw herself backwards sometimes if we aren't careful.

Ally loves to eat if you can't tell ;-) I think she prefers actual food to baby food already

My favorite thing that Ally can do is WAVE! It's the sweetest thing ever, very Miss America, she's always been pretty fascinated with her hands

She has also found her feet and she likes to grab them while laying on her back and roll to her side

She loves to take baths and she giggles when she splashed the water

Nothing nicer than a squeaky clean baby!

It may not be much but Ally's once slick bald head is now growing a soft downy layer of peach fuzz ;-)

She truly is a gift!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Field Trips

The boys have gotten to go on two fun field trips lately. First they went with their kindergarten class to the Oil Ranch. They had so much fun playing in the hay barn, milking a cow, petting the baby animals and running around with their friends.


Our kids are off on Fridays so last week we went with other friends from our school to Dewberry Farms which is really a favorite of the kids. They love the bouncy pillows, the slide mountain. the pedal cars, the zip lines, and being with their friends.  Such a blast!

Cheering on their youngest friend on the zipline

 In front of the big fort

Andrew and his special friend ;-)

Oh my goodness, too cute! 

This has been such a busy and fun fall

Monday, November 19, 2012

October Round Up

It's nearly Thanksgiving, I'm SO behind but I finally have the pictures from my "good" camera and not just my phone so here are some more from the fun things we did in October.