Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cotton Bowl

Pictures from the Cotton Bowl and later with the Heisman Trophy

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Miss Allygator is 8 Months Old!!!

This has been an exciting month for Ally Michele aka Allygator aka Allybear aka Owlie ;-)

She turned 8 months old on Christmas Day and also got her first tooth, then her second popped through a day later. Those were a rough few days on my drooly grumpyish baby. She also had a tummy bug on Christmas Day =( but I'm not sure if it was the teeth, the scrambled eggs or a virus, it happened a few times and then went away fortunately.

Ally has a few new tricks, she has a very dramatic "yes" nod up and down and then occasionally she'll shake her head "no". I'm not sure she knows that either one means something specific and that it's not just a "trick". Her brothers never nodded, only shook their heads dramatically "NO!" so this has been a nice change!

Ally is such a mimic, I sometimes blow in her face to make her blink and laugh and now she pauses and then purses her lips so cute and blows back in my face lol!! She's crazy about her daddy (the feeling is mutual ;) and she calls "Dada dada dada dada" over and over and lights up whenever she sees him.

She has amazing abdominals and can crunch from flat on her back and side. She crunches until she is in a semi sitting position then uses her arms to get into sitting. My Preemies, especially Andrew, had very weak trunk muscles and I'm pretty sure Andrew was walking before he could get in and out of sitting, so her abs strength has always amazed me! Because of this and trying to get into kneeling we had to lower her crib. I think it won't be long before she's completely pulling up.

She's still not truly crawling though she gets on all fours and rocks. She scoots backwards a lot and can drag herself forward to get to anything she wants but she hasn't quite figured out how to bring her legs into motion and use them.

She's getting much trickier to change now, she used to just lay compliantly on the changing table but now she's wiggling and rolling away and grabbing at everything with her hands.

She loves to eat ;-) if you can't tell.  She loves holding bread or baby biscuits or pizza crust and gnawing on it. She has started picking up puffs and fruit pieces and gets them to her mouth but she hasn't totally mastered her timing on this skill and misses the "release" a lot so I think she prefers for me to feed her if she's really hungry. She opens her mouth like a little bird and waits for me to drop something in it ;-).

She will take a bottle when I'm not around but she isn't fond of the sippy cup and still does a great deal of nursing. But she's my last baby and only nurser,  and has always been extremely efficient, so I don't mind it too much. I have very few memories of getting to just stop and cuddle/rock the boys so I'm savoring every minute I get to snuggle with her.

Having two fragile preemie infants was at least 20 times the work that Ally has been and that's with 6 year old crazy twins on top. Even though sometimes I allow myself to think about how pleasant and easy it would have been to have had her first, but I'm sure I'd never have appreciated just how easy she really is. And we'd have probably NEVER survived the twins had we known just how "terrible" (but worth it) it all truly was.  ONLY by the Grace of God did we survive it! I have a feeling I'll be saying this over and over as the years go by, those boys continue to be QUITE the handful ;-0 !!!

Ally Michele

Full of Joy!

The color in this last pic isn't too good but I love the sweet thoughtful face she's making and I think if you look real close you can see her two front bottom teeth

In the rocking chair with Piggie 

This is the first time she's ever stopped our shoot to pick up Piggie and play

I think we may be leaving the easy to pose baby stage, she's now getting busy!

"What's that over there mama?"

I always wanted to have beautiful blue eyes  . . . .  Lucky Girl!

 In her towel, after her bath I always refer to her as "Owlie"

"I want to crawl so bad and this towel certainly isn't helping matters!"

There really are NO words to describe how thankful to God I am to have gotten this experience with Ally. She is such a treasure and a joy and I wouldn't trade her for anything (or her brothers either of course :). But she really has completed our family in a way I never dreamed possible. My house is constantly a wreck (despite the fact that I'm blessed with some recurrent help around my home), my laundry baskets are always overflowing, the clean laundry is seldom put away and we are always running from one place to the next like crazy people. 

However these last 8 months with all three of my babies have honestly been the greatest of my ENTIRE life. I'm just so in love with my baby girl. What a wonderful gift I've been entrusted with and I hope and pray that I can raise her to be a Christ loving sweet little girl and one day . . . young woman (yikes!).

Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas Eve Photos

I'm finally posting pictures from Christmas Eve. We went to church where we saw good friends and family. Then we ate dinner, sprinkled reindeer food in the lawn, put out milk and cookies for Santa, and finished our advent devotional.

Kids on stage during Christmas Eve service

Sprinkling reindeer food out on the lawn

Milk and cookies out for Santa

After Santa came . . . .