Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This and That

This is basically just a post of random cellphone pictures from the last few weeks. We met some special friends at the zoo and then stopped by the Aggie barn on the way home. So cute!

Someone is TROUBLE

Sweet Cousins

Ally had a blast playing with her mirror twin at the pediatrician's office LOL

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dinner Date

We recently went on a quick overnight business trip and since Ally is still nursing she got to join us since I can't leave her overnight yet. She went on her first fancy dinner date and she was such a little lady. She got to dress up in her party dress and she did really well for such a late formal dinner.

Daddy & Daughter

She enjoys being passed around to visit with everyone ;-)

Chillin' with daddy back in the hotel room

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Andrew & Adam had their final game of their basketball season with the Trailblazers. They really enjoyed playing and I think it may be their favorite sport they've played so far. They really improved from the beginning of the season. Their team had a winning season and finished off with a tough come back win. Andrew was especially excited, he's all about winning LOL. After the game the team went to McD's to celebrate and get their trophies. We had a great experience and had a really nice coach that was very patient and encouraging with all the kids on the team. Few things are more entertaining as watching kinder basketball, I loved watching all the kids grab the ball and travel all over the court forgetting to dribble or fighting with their own teammates to get the ball. Too cute ;-)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow Babies

Ally and I went with my parents and my sister and Logan for a little quiet getaway without the big kids. Ally seemed to enjoy having my undivided attention. It was the first time I've gone anywhere without them in a long time and Ally is so easy that it felt like a true vacation. Trips with the big kids are more like working field trips ;) rather than vacations, mainly because of the mental exhaustion that comes from constantly referring those two. So this was a very appreciated time away and I'm thankful my husband let me go!


 Handsome Boy!


Such sweet babies!

Some cell phone pictures

Ally does a lot of funny contortionist moves when she's on the ground 

She loves to sit on her side, she does this all the time, it's pretty cute and bizarre ;)

Doesn't look very relaxing, more like aerobics LOL

She loves this baby doll, it looked like her identical twin

She loves to make this duck face, but I always have a hard time getting it on camera!

Me and my favorite girl