Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ally Michele at 9 Months Old

I'm almost a month behind on getting this post done but better late than never:

At 9 Months Miss Ally weighs 19 lbs (70%) and is 27" long (25%)

Poor girl has had two ear infections this month in her left ear which has made her pretty sad somedays. But when she's not sad she's very happy and busy and quite the talker. She used to be so still and easy to change but now she wants to squirm and take off! She's crawling pretty well now and she has her own funny way. She'll crawl normal moving each knee and hand and then she'll bounce both knees forward once just like a bunny rabbit! It's too funny. 

Ally just started pulling up a few days ago and now she's pulling up on everything and attempting to cruise a little but still needs work on balancing and moving her feet. Her bottom two teeth are showing really well and she's a bit of a biter so she's living up to her Allygator nickname pretty well ;-). She waves and claps and signs "All Done" and "More". She says "DaDa" when she sees daddy and she also says "dogdog" and "gogogo" and she still sings her sweet little "gullygullygully" babbling that she does. 

She is very particular about what she wants to eat and if she doesn't care for it she'll open her mouth and just let the food fall right out. She really prefers pureed foods and yogurt to table food but she will eat a few puffs and fruit but she usually spits out cheese, meat, veggies depending on her mood. She's still nursing about 5 times a day and she'll take a bottle if I'm not around but she does not like water from a sippy cup yet.

She's so expressive, if she thinks somethings funny she'll scrunch her nose up in a cheesy face. When she's feeling cute she'll raise one shoulder up and dip her head toward it. My dad call this "doing the precious", it's pretty funny. She still loves to nod very dramatically occasionally she'll shake her head. She's very social and always smiling and making faces at random people LOL.

She wasn't really much in a picture taking mood, this is the ear infection face =(

One of her silly faces, she's finally growing some soft fuzzy hair

I had to post this picture because you can really see how old she's beginning to look in it. I'm not sure if her face is slimming down or what, but she's looking more mature.

Another sad face =(

Finally I figured I needed to step up my game or I wasn't going to get any happy faces. So I started jumping around and making monkey noises and that's how I got her to smile in all the rest of these LOL 

Mama is SO silly!

Since she was finally smiling I moved her back to her little chair for a few more
There's my happy girl!!

"Oh wait, what's this thing on my shirt?"

"This sticker makes a nice crackly sound when I squeeze it" 

Good thing I got a few good shots before she noticed and destroyed the sticker, haha!

If I could relive the past 8 months over, I so would do it all again (I'm leaving out that first month when we didn't sleep and were getting the hang of nursing ;) but seriously this has just been a dream. We are all SO in love with our little Allygator.


MtnGirl said...

You didn't post any photos of you jumping around to get her to smile! :-) Those would have been fun to see! I was wondering if Ally ever cried - she always looks so smiley and happy!

Lynn said...

Poor little one! Hope that's it! No more ear infections!
Praying right now!
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