Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow Babies

Ally and I went with my parents and my sister and Logan for a little quiet getaway without the big kids. Ally seemed to enjoy having my undivided attention. It was the first time I've gone anywhere without them in a long time and Ally is so easy that it felt like a true vacation. Trips with the big kids are more like working field trips ;) rather than vacations, mainly because of the mental exhaustion that comes from constantly referring those two. So this was a very appreciated time away and I'm thankful my husband let me go!


 Handsome Boy!


Such sweet babies!

Some cell phone pictures

Ally does a lot of funny contortionist moves when she's on the ground 

She loves to sit on her side, she does this all the time, it's pretty cute and bizarre ;)

Doesn't look very relaxing, more like aerobics LOL

She loves this baby doll, it looked like her identical twin

She loves to make this duck face, but I always have a hard time getting it on camera!

Me and my favorite girl 


Lynn said...

Amazing photos as always! So glad you had that time away!
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lacey_hammerlun said...

her poses are so cute and hilarious!! So jealous of your baby/mommy only getaway! :)