Thursday, February 21, 2013


Andrew & Adam had their final game of their basketball season with the Trailblazers. They really enjoyed playing and I think it may be their favorite sport they've played so far. They really improved from the beginning of the season. Their team had a winning season and finished off with a tough come back win. Andrew was especially excited, he's all about winning LOL. After the game the team went to McD's to celebrate and get their trophies. We had a great experience and had a really nice coach that was very patient and encouraging with all the kids on the team. Few things are more entertaining as watching kinder basketball, I loved watching all the kids grab the ball and travel all over the court forgetting to dribble or fighting with their own teammates to get the ball. Too cute ;-)

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Lynn said...

The look so little to be playing basketball!
Praying in Seattle!
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