Monday, April 29, 2013

Ally Michele is One!

My sweet little Allygator is now One Year Old!!

 We had a little birthday party for her on Saturday with her cousins, family, and a few friends. I had a blast planning her Allygator themed party. There probably have not been very many little girl birthday parties with an alligator theme so it was really fun making it special just for her.

It probably seems silly getting a blow up slide for a one year olds party but we needed to entertain the big brothers, cousins and friends.

Daddy took her down once but she wasn't too impressed ;-)

She was so ladylike and dainty while eating her cake!

She hardly got messy at all!

She enjoyed all her gifts and she had lots of little helpers to assist her in opening them

A Pink Cozy Coupe from Gammy & Peepaw was a hit!

Some pretty jewelry from Granny & Pa

This is my most very favorite picture of the day:

I think it's obvious that Ally Michele is one very loved and cherished little girl. She has blessed us so very much this year and we can't imagine life without her in it!

"I always thank God for you
because of His grace
given you in Christ Jesus." 

1 Corinthians 1:4

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ally at 11 Months

Seeing as how Ally turns one tomorrow (eeeeeeek!), I figured I better get my 11 month post up before then. Ally at 11 months has been really busy. She is constantly on the move but if she saw me she immediately would start crying and reaching for me. I guess she finally hit that separation anxiety stage which has made for a very unproductive month for me ;-).  Ally now has four teeth and she got her matching set of top fangs in instead of the middle two.  We affectionately referred to her as vampire baby this month.  She loves her brothers and her daddy in addition to her mama. I also decided to wean her this month since I was taking her big brothers on a trip.  It was sad to close this chapter in our lives but she adjusted easily and never looked back.  She takes a bottle great and she still loves to eat yogurt but bite size fruits are her favorite, especially strawberries.  
I just can't believe how fast the time is going by!

Swinging with some friends

Not a huge fan of the bluebonnets ;-)

At cousin Ben's superhero 4th birthday party