Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summertime Escape

I am very grateful for the chance to escape the Texas heat for a while again this summer. My parents are renting a place in Edwards, CO so we made the trek up here with Aunt Dana and her kids. We are once again blessed to have our dear sweet Anne Michal join us to help wrangle all these wild kids. This is her third summer in a row to come so hopefully that means our crew isn't too intolerable ;-).

We spent 19 hours straight with our group of 8 adventurers crammed into the minivan, traversing 1,000 miles in a day. We normally stop for the night along the way but this year we discovered driving while the kids are asleep was actually much less distracting and we plowed on past our scheduled hotel. Never disturb a sleeping baby (especially when they've been really grouchy) if you don't have to!

Rest Stop somewhere in North Texas

Pit stop by the extinct volcanoes in New Mexico

The flowers up here are amazing!


5 of the 8 grandkids with Granny and Pa

Best friends!

Love this one!

When did these boys get so handsome and grown up?

We had a blast at the adventure park in Breckenridge with the big kids while Granny and Pa watched the babies 

Top of Breckenridge

I decided since the rock wall was already included in my ticket, I needed to check this off my bucket list ;-)

I realize how incredibly blessed I am to have parents that let my crazy crew tag along on their summer retreat, I know it was much more peaceful prior to our arrival ;-). Also, Daddy is getting to join us for part of our trip this year so the boys and I are really looking forward to him being here. Can't wait!