Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ally Michele at 14 Months

I can't believe Ally is already 14 months old! These last two months have been full of learning to walk and talk.  She is on the go and oh my is she a busy little thing! She is such a happy little girl but she can also be very sassy if she isn't getting her way.  She talks and babbles nonstop.  She can repeat lots of words that she hears and she appropriately uses the words: Dada/Daddy, Mama, Dog (her absolute favorite word, pronounced dOOOOOHg and she uses this for most all animals), Uh-Oh, Ball, Baba, Quack Quack (cack-cack), Hi, Bye, Teddy, KittyCat, Fishy. Sometimes she says "Where's Daddy?" which is something I ask her a lot when he walks in the room so she's copying those sounds I think. I'm sure there are more but that's all that comes to mind at the moment. They boys didn't talk much until they were two so it's really funny to hear her little voice talking.  My mom says I was speaking in complete sentences at 17 months so I guess that's where she gets it from LOL. 

Lots of abrasions on that sweet little face, learning to walk is tough!

Love my three little blessings!

Enjoying a snack and movie with her brothers

Watching the big kids at Backyard Bible Club
Notice those few little curls! I'm wondering if it will come in curly all over, I have super straight hair so curls could be really interesting and cute.

Ally had a blast making new friends

She's also a climber, she wants to climb in and out of everything!

She's really starting to enjoy playing with her big brothers!

Ally REALLY wanted Daddy to hang up her birthday swing, she kept getting in it and looking quite pitiful until he took her subtle hints ;-)

Cinco de Mayo

Loves to swing in her pink seat!

It's also a great place to snooze

Watching cousin Ben play some soccer

She's also been enjoying some trips to the pool. She loves to splash!

I fall more in love with my little girl every day!

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