Monday, August 26, 2013

1st Day of School

How is it possible that my wee little babies are now big 1st graders??!!  I'm so proud of these two! This was a very exciting day: new school, separate classes for the first time and their very first bus ride home. They said the bus was their favorite part of the day ;-)



Adam in his classroom

I love my silly sweet Adam. He's so independent already, I could tell he was ready for me to go ;-)

 Andrew in his classroom

I love this sweet little man! He told me "I love you mom" as I hugged him goodbye

Pictures of the boys and their teachers from "Meet the Teacher" night. We are blessed with two wonderful teachers! I'm so thankful and can't wait to see what the year holds!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fun with Friends

We had a blast going to Dallas to visit our friends Lauren & Blake and their parents. We've missed them so much since they moved. I wish I'd gotten more pictures while we were there but here are some from our visit to a fun jump/bounce place.

I can't believe how big all these twins are now. I miss our fun playgroup days when they were all little babies!

Ally's first time in a big bouncy house, she preferred for me to hold her and jump

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happier Trails

Andrew has been in a much better mood here lately after we've been slowly adjusting some of the medications he takes which have had some pretty unpleasant side affects. This has been a very delicate, frustrating process over the course of the last year and I just want to shout Praise the Lord because I'm finally feeling encouraged about things and hope we can continue heading in the right direction, especially with school starting soon. These are things that weigh heavy on my heart and I'm thrilled to see his beautiful smile. (if you wonder what I mean, go look at the pictures from the 4th of July LOL)

My two favorite boys in the whole world!

The last time I posted about hiking it wasn't such a pleasant memory, but we got back out there and this time around it has been a much more positive experience. Andrew has figured out if he hikes in his bike helmet it gives him a lot more confidence and peace of mind, so I'm good with that! Also if we make him the leader and have him set the pace for everyone he is much happier and he doesn't have to worry about keeping up with the other boys because he's at the front. We found a new trail that was much more our speed and everyone had a good time! Ally was there too but she fell asleep on my back as soon as we hit the trail.

Beautiful mountain trail

Our Wonderful Anne Michal, I'm so used to the kids all calling her "Aunt Michal" I've even caught myself call her that LOL

Adam's favorite part was finding a patch of wild raspberries to sample. They were actually pretty good and picking them fresh from the mountain was pretty exciting for the kids.

I look at these three beautiful healthy kids and I'm so very very grateful!!

Cousins are such a blessing!

In other news, Ally will no longer wear a bow/headband anymore. It was fun while it lasted. She rips it off her head as quick as she can, unless I can distract her long enough to take her picture before she gets it off ;-)  But slowly she is getting some hair, it may not be getting much longer but its definitely getting thicker =-)

Little Superman

Some photos from Andrew's botox procedure. We had to be at Texas Children's bright and early so we were on the road at 4:45am which is super early for me, I'm not much of a morning person.

Such a sweet boy!

Afterward in the recovery room, he does not wake up well from anesthesia. Hiding from everyone right before he went crazy and tried to yank off every single thing touching him, he nearly got the IV.

After lots of screaming and demanding to leave, the nurse decided he could go home LOL

I can't tell much of a difference yet but Andrew has had a confidence boost so I'm very pleased. He's been riding his bike more than he ever has in his life (the reciprocal pedaling movement is very challenging for him). He was even brave enough to give it a try without training wheels. He's not there yet but I was very proud of him for giving it a try!

Riding his bike with some encouragement from Granny

Andrew has been working hard all summer at coloring with markers. I think he's much better than me now! All the coloring seems to have strengthened his hands because his handwriting is looking a little better every day.

In one week we head back to Texas Children's to get his first cast to start stretching out the tendon in his heel.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Catch Up Post from Father's Day

We had a great time celebrating Father's Day at Kenny's parents place on the Brazos River. The river is surprisingly clear and shallow there so we enjoyed floating and swimming to beat the heat. The kids had a blast!

Ally had her first taste of Cheetos, she's now a big fan! ;-)