Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Because I need to post something . . . .

This is by far the longest I've ever gone between blog posts. Having an almost two year old that is extremely "busy" plus keeping up with the boys and all their activities/therapies/schoolwork hasn't really left me with much motivation to do anything at the end of the day. I'm not sure I'll catch back up or get in a rhythm anytime soon so in the meantime here are some random pictures from our day to day busyness. 

Even at 7, they are still my sweet little babies =-)

Ally waiting on the school bus on a cold afternoon, the boys don't ride very often but when they do, Ally can't wait to meet them!

"Just eating this Elmer's glue stick, Mama, no biggie . . . ."

Ally likes to have her tiny pony tail in for about 45 seconds and then she jerks it out

One afternoon I felt particularly brave and so I took all three kids to the women's basketball game all by myself

Amazingly we lasted all the way through the end of the game!

Ally ate her weight in popcorn!

One night Andrew really wanted to read his book to Ally

And much to my surprise and delight, she let him!

Andrew was so proud of himself for a job well done =-) 
It brought Mama much joy as well

Science Fun with Daddy LOL

Ally decided to "help" me pack for her overnight stay at Granny's by dumping all the panties out of the drawers and then throwing them in the suitcase. Ironically she does not even wear panties yet.

Found this is Adam's backpack one day, I guess he was in a hurry to get home so he could do his homework? ;-) Love him!

This is the face you make when you realize the dog has just snatched your granola bar right out of your hand and eaten it

One day after school we went to spoons to celebrate Adam having a particularly good day at school =-) Is he handsome or what? Those blue eyes kill me every time!

Me and my sweet boys

Andrew loves to color, Ally loves to eat colors

Adam lost his first top tooth at school! He is really growing up!

 (If you think his teeth look peculiar, that is because he has enamel hypoplasia, permanent damage to both his baby and adult teeth that occured from his severe prematurity. While not pleasant for him, I guess of all the preemie things he could be dealing with, teeth issues really don't seem so bad) 

Ally and I went to the kids school for a lunch date. It's hard to get a decent picture of these three at once!

One night I caught the boys up way past their bedtime, they were reading a library book!

Reading has been a challenge for some of us so there was no way I could be upset at them for being up late, especially hearing them help each other with the hard words. That's the kind of team work that make my heart happy =-)

I guess that about does it for today. I hope I can get motivated to post again soon, these days are just slipping away from me all too quickly.