Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Final Thoughts on First Grade

Adam and Andrew had their last day of first grade on May 30th. I just can't believe the school year flew by so fast, especially the month of May. This was a big year for them coming into public school for the first time and being with so many kids of all ages. We made the best decision to place them in their own separate classes this year, I have no regrets at all. It allowed them to really spread their wings as individuals and make relationships apart from their perceived identity as twins. They reveled in this and it was a joy to see their personalities develop even more. It was great to see them bond with their teachers without having to share them with their brother ;-). We were so blessed to get two amazing and special teachers and I really feel that each boy got the perfect teacher for their unique personality and learning styles. There is just something so magical about elementary school teachers and having the right fit can make such a huge difference in a child's longterm attitude toward education. I get teary just thinking about how much of a difference all their teachers have made in their lives and it's always so hard to say goodbye and start all over again each year!

Here are some photos from their last month of school:

Lunch in the courtyard with Cousin Ben (who will be starting kindergarten at the same school this fall)

Field Trip to George Bush Library

Andrew's Class

Adam's Class

Park Picnic after field trip to see the Bears move

The end of year cards the boys made for their special teachers:

Last Day of First Grade!!

Andrew has grown taller and he now has many new adult teeth coming in. But I think his biggest changes and growth this year are the ones you can't see from the outside. He's become a model student as far as listening and following the rules. He's growing in his confidence and made many new friends this year. He worked so hard at school and made great progress, He is still one of the most loving kids you'll ever meet.

Adam changed the most physically, growing taller and leaner. His soft round baby face was replaced by a more mature looking young man's face and framed nicely by his new glasses. I just can't believe that's the same boy I dropped off on the first day of first grade. He made really great progress throughout the school year, especially with his reading which has just taken off! I'm always amazed when he perfectly pronounces a new word the first time he's sees it. He loves to read nonfiction books and his children's Bible.

They both grew and changed inwardly and outwardly from the beginning to the end of the school year. First grade was such a special year and I hope they'll always remember the memories they made! We are so blessed to have come so far! God is good!